The worst airports this summer – Where does Athens rank?

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Queues, inconvenience, delays and cancellations were occurring on a daily basis at most airports in Europe and the US during the Northern Hemisphere summer.

The reasons for this unprecedented situation are more or less known. The lack of staff and the sharp recovery of travel traffic , which "caught" airport administrations unprepared.

In this context, the American network CNN compiled a list of the worst airports in the world, in terms of the number of flights that were either delayed or completely canceled.

And among them is included the largest airport in Greece, "Eleftherios Venizelos Athens Airport", where the percentage of delays reached 38.5%. Of course, this is partly explained by the large travel traffic during the summer months.


The airports with the highest rate of delays:

1. Toronto: 51.9%
2. Montreal: 47.8%
3. Frankfurt: 44.5%
4. Lisbon: 43%
5. London (Gatwick): 42%
6. Paris (Charles de Gaulle): 41, 6%
7. Munich: 40.1%
8. Manchester: 39%
9. Athens: 38.5%
10. Vancouver: 37.8%

The airports with the highest cancellation rate:

1. Shanghai: 29.8%
2. Xianyang (China): 15.6%
3. Beijing: 14.7%
4. Nanjing (China) : 14.4%
5. Chengdu Tianfu (China): 9.5%
6. Shenzhen (China): 9.1%
7. Indonesia: 8.3%
8. Wuhan (China): 8.2%
9. Newark Liberty (USA) : 6.7%
10. LaGuardia (USA): 6 .7%

It is worth noting, however, that with the arrival of autumn, the problems have gone, with the situation in the vast majority of airports having normalised again.

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