King Charles III gets his first Greek kiss; security caught off-guard but approved!


The British monarch King Charles III got his first Greek kiss by an enthusiastic royalist during his stroll outside of Buckingham Palace where he greeted to well-wishers, reported the Daily Mail.

According to the news report, Greek Cypriot Jenny Assiminios surprised security officials and onlookers when she leaned over and kissed King Charles on the cheek.

After the kiss was captured by TV cameras Assiminios said she was congratulated by police officers who were standing nearby and others in the crowd.

overwhelmed brits king charles kiss 04

‘I know it was being cheeky but I just had to.’

Charles smiled as Assiminios clasped his hand and kissed him.

 'I have always been a big fan on Charles. I was very nervous, but excited when I saw he was coming towards me.

‘I had only planned to shake his hand, but as he took my hand thought I would ask if I could give him a kiss. He said he didn’t mind and I just kissed his cheek.

‘He was lovely about it and smiled and I looked into his eyes and I knew he was okay about it.’

‘The death of the Queen must have been very hard for Charles. I have always admired the Queen and her husband

They were such wonderful people and you can see that from all the people who came out.

‘I know people will support King Charles just like they have supported the Queen during her wonderful reign.’

Jenny, who has two grown-up sons, said she is proud to have been the first member of the public to kiss the new King.

‘I have lived here since 1965 and love this country.’