Greece to issue new bivalent vaccines which fight all coronavirus mutations


Greece's National Vaccination Committee on Tuesday announced its recommendations concerning the administration of the new and updated bivalent vaccines against the coronavirus.

These vaccines, which have already been received by Greece (Pfizer & Moderna) and which will begin to be administered on Wednesday, protect against both earlier strains of the coronavirus and also from the virus' most recent mutations (ΒΑ.1, ΒΑ.4 and ΒΑ.5).

Firstly, the committee clarified that these vaccines should only be used as booster shots for people who have already completed their vaccination with the original monovalent vaccines, and three months have elapsed since they were vaccinated with at least two doses of a monovalent vaccine.

People who should get an updated vaccine are:

- Aged 60 or over

- Aged 12-59 and belong in a high-risk vulnerable group of people suffering from underlying health issues

- Residents and workers in care units for the elderly or other hospices for the chronically ill

- Health professionals

- People living with others who are immunosuppressed

- Caregivers of people suffering from diseases that increase the risk of complications from a coronavirus infection