Trapper 'Snik' attacked at a restaurant in Thessaloniki: "Don't come to our city again" - See the video


A video of Snik, that has been talked about for days now on social media, has seen the light of day.

In recent week, Snik has been in the news several times, all for the wrong reasons. First, there was an incident in Katerini with the wild fight in a club when the friends of the well-known "trapper" came to blows with other patrons.

A few days later in Thessaloniki, a video showed him having an intense argument with a teenager on the street.

Another incident came to light days ago as another trapper uploaded a photo of Snik and "warned" him that he would upload videos of him being beaten.

Initially it was uploaded, then it was taken down to force a response from Snik, who responded to the threats in some stories on Instagram. The tensions that had been growing for days has been completed with the final upload of the video, which is now making the rounds on the internet.

As for what is shown in this video? The well-known trapper is on the ground and they beat him, swearing while threatening him and telling him not to come to Thessaloniki again.

"Come again to Thessaloniki. I will teach you. Don't come over here again," he would tell Snik.

Snik talked about the fight in Thessaloniki in a video he posted through his Instagram profile.

The trapper addressed his followers who asked him about the incident and uploaded a video through stories, where he initially said: “I have received many messages about a scene that happened in Salonica. Where I and a friend of mine were sitting and 20 people came and raised their hands.

"This is the last time I talk about internet fights. The phase has become disgusting. For those who were interested in whether I am well, a big thank you. As for videos and photos or comments, you think you're going to shake me even a little, you haven't shaken me in so many years, you're too funny."

He then turned to someone whose name he didn't mention, saying:

"We have videos of your friends too, don't worry."

Finally, he said: "And one last thing, it's no coincidence that after the awards there have been so many fights, randomly in clubs here and there, you can think for yourself."

Trap music, a subgenre of rap, gets its name from the Atlanta slang word “trap”, a house used exclusively to sell drugs.

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