Snik unfollows Iliana Papageorgiou after her comments about their relationship

snik iliana papageorgiou

It may be that after their separation, Iliana Papageorgiou and Snik kept a formal relationships and did not reveal anything about the reason they are no longer together. However, a recent interview given by the Love Island presenter and model caused the trapper to unfollow his former lover on Instagram.

The unfollow was first spotted by a follower of Soula Glamorous, who in turn was quick to repost it.

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Iliana Papageorgiou gave an interview to "Our Breakfast" show a few days ago. The presenter of Love Island, among other things, was also asked about her previous relationship with the trapper Snik.

"Some of your choices are completely opposite to what I see now. How is it possible?' initially asked Fai Skordas to the model.

"Because there is a public image of a person, it does not mean that things are the same indoors. There is a huge difference and deviation," said the Love Island presenter.

"Also, each person has their own limits and sets them from the beginning. I am a person with limits and I am a person who has had a good time in my choices. I have no complaints, now what happens outside my house I do not know and it does not concern me," continued Papageorgiou.

"I was upset about some things and some behaviours. Very. And I don't understand it either, but I hope this passes and maybe it's some problem, some distress, some dissatisfaction, but I'm not a psychologist and I'm not going to solve everyone's problems.

"Thank God I have mine and there are a lot of them. Let's sort these out first."

In any case, Iliana Papageorgiou continues to follow Snik on the popular social networking platform, for now.


In recent week,  Snik has been in the news several times, all for the wrong reasons. First, there was an incident in Katerini with the wild fight in a club when the friends of the well-known "trapper" came to blows with other patrons.

A few days later in Thessaloniki, a video showed him having an intense argument with a teenager on the street.

Another incident came to light days ago as another trapper uploaded a photo of Snik and "warned" him that he would upload videos of him being beaten.

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