ATHENS: Protesters commemorate killing of gay rights activist Zak Kostopoulos


More than 800 Athenians were on the streets of the Greek capital on Wednesday evening with banners protesting and commemorating the 2018 killing of gay rights activist Zak Kostopoulos.

Earlier this year, the owner of a jewelry store and a real estate office were found guilty of beating Zak on September 21, 2018, who died while being transferred to hospital.

Meanwhile the 15th Anti-Racism Celebration will be held on September 24-25 at the Agricultural University of Athens ("Geoponiko Panepistimio") by the Sunday School for Migrants and the Movement "Deport Racism," organizers announced on Wednesday.

Events include concerts, discussions (on gender-based violence, the war in Ukraine, the energy and food crisis, the far-right in Greece and Europe, and on racism), film screenings, and activities for children. There will also be political cartoons and photography exhibitions with captions in QR for visually impaired people, while stands with international foods will also be available (cuisines of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kurdistan, Morocco, Nigeria, and Turkey).

On Saturday (Sept. 24), the concert will include performances by Encardia, Koustodia-KETHEA "Paremvassi", Alexandros Ktistakis and his band, Martha Frintzila, and Kubara Project, with supertitles in other langauges. Discussions will include an interpreter to provide simultaneous translation in Greek sign language.

The location is at 75 Iera Odos Street, in the western sector of Athens.