Ios: Greek-Australian Muay Thai Boxer severely beat two fellow Australian tourists in a bar

Boxer Ios

A boxer in a bar in Ios severely beat two Australian tourists because he got angry when one of the victims passed in front of him and accidentally touched him with his hand. In fact, the one young man, seriously injured in the head, was taken by helicopter to Athens.

The hot-blooded Greek-Australian Muay Thai boxer disappeared after the attack while he had arranged to escape from the Cycladic island by boat, which was waiting to pick him up hidden behind a bush.

But the experienced security officers, who swept the area, did not take long to locate him, handcuff him and take him to the prosecutor.

The unimaginable scene that unfolded was revealed by Proto Thema, minute by minute.

At 3:35 a.m. on September 23, 2022, the Cyclades Police Department reported an incident between patrons at a bar in Ios, which resulted in the injury of two Australian citizens.  The police went immediately to the ambulance station was located and received the two victims, Australian citizens aged 30-years-old.

They told the police that while they were having fun inside the bar, a man unknown to them attacked them savagely, punching them in the head and body and kicking them while they were on the ground.

Patrons of the bar testified to police and described the the perpetrator. He was a tall, fair-skinned man, of unknown origin, wearing a white short-sleeved T-shirt. They also named the two Australians as victims.

The bar owner provided police with video footage of the incident."

The policemen, guided by the description of eyewitnesses and victims about the ferocious boxer, began to comb Ios.

According to the police report, as seen by Proto Thema: "we immediately carried out searches for him in the wider area of ​​Ios, placing particular emphasis on the hotel, where he probably resided.

"Our searches continued uninterrupted as we were informed by the hotel manager that they were going to leave the hotel en masse by 10:00 today.

"We discreetly remained outside the hotel until 10:00 a.m. and beyond the appointed time, when information was received, according to which the perpetrator had recently left the hotel bound for the port of Ios with the intention of leaving the island with a private boat.

"We rushed to the port of Ios and found him outside the hotel sitting and hiding, together with his fellow countrymen. At the sight of the police, he ran in the opposite direction, we followed him and a few metres later we arrested him.

"He was taken to the relevant Department, while the first patient was transferred by helicopter to a clinic in Athens for further medical assessment as he has head injuries. The perpetrator, after the charges was filed against him, was escorted by the police to the Naxos District Attorney's Office".

After being transferred to the Prosecutor of Naxos, the boxer was given a deadline to testify, while what is worth noting is that thanks to the immediate intervention of the police, he was trapped on the island and did not manage to make the cinematic escape with the boat.

Also, it is pointed out that while last year there were three fatal incidents, this year there were zero on the island of Ios. The specially trained police teams that were on foot and patrolling intervened effectively preventing similar incidents from occurring.

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