The Greek Freddo Cappuccino conquered TikTok

Freddo Espressi Cappuccino

TikTok is abuzz with a Greek Freddo Cappuccino, which you can simply make at home.

The Freddo Cappuccino, which Greeks have been enjoying for many years, appears to be hitting social media with a frenzy, just as the Greek frappe did years earlier.

Freddo Espresso

More and more European cafes are adding the Freddo Cappuccino to their menus, while the social media accounts that recommend it and show how to make it are constantly increasing.


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In fact, many alternative proposals have emerged for more flavour, such as freddo cappuccino with honey.

@lydia_qiao This is the Saturday morning coffee for you Freddo Cappuccino ,it’s from Greek 😋Try it ! Delicious and simple #coffee #freddocappuccino ♬ UNDERWATER WONDERSCAPES (MASTER) - Frederic Bernard

However, no matter how much they try to "copy" the Greek patent, they will hardly succeed, since here it is not only the well-whipped foamed milk and the good variety of coffee that give the taste, but also the possibility to enjoy it by the sea under a wonderful, sunny sky.

Freddo Espressi Cappuccino

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