Tourist charged €12 for a frappe in Santorini - See the receipt

Santorini frappe

A tourist was massively ripped off in Santorini for a frappe coffee, which ordinarily costs €1.50-€2.00.

A Greek doctor, who is currently on the Cycladic island for a few days' vacation, told Proto Thema that he was charged €12 for the beloved Greek ice coffee and an additional €6.5 euros for a freddo espresso.

"Maybe it played a role that instead of sugar they put a scoop of ice cream in the frappe, but I still think the charge is excessive," he said.

The tourist paid another €12 euros for a bowl of yogurt and honey (commercially packaged) and another €12 euros for a cheese-turkey toast, a total of €42.50.

The receipt:

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  1. Has anyone gone to the rest of Europe. If you can go to santorini you can afford it.12e to be in Santorini is great.Paid in Paris last month 110e 2hr parking and 12e for a croissant. Drinking water in Paris ranges from 3-18e. Always ask before buying anything.If you didn’t like the price don’t buy it.Greece is very cheap and greece should raise their prices and add a mandatory tip on the receipt like France and other parts of Europe. I’m from North America we tip 18-30% but when people go to Greece they forget to tip or play stupid.

    Try going to an island in the Caribbean or the rest of Europe and you think 12e is expensive for a coffee or sandwich or yogurt.
    Shop at a supermarket next time.