“Cycladic Airlines” – New Luxury Airline to Serve the Greek Islands

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“Cycladic” – New Luxury Airline to Serve the Greek Islands starting with two small, luxurious aircraft, the new carrier aspires to serve passengers visiting or living on the Greek islands throughout the year.

A new airline, called Cycladic, will fly between the Dodecanese islands and Athens using small but luxurious airplanes more reminiscent of private jets than airline carriers.

The capacity of each Cessna Grand Caravan varies, depending on the needs, from 8 to 12 passengers, and of course it will have two pilots. It is worth noting that two of the eight pilots hired by Cycladic are women. Each passenger will normally be able to carry up to 23 kg of luggage. Indicatively, it is stated that the flight time between Santorini and Milos is 20 minutes, while company sources promise that Cycladic’s intention is to keep the average ticket cost under 200 euros, however they add that it can change depending on demand.

Cycladic will initially fly only between specific islands of the Cyclades, Rhodes and Crete. The two aircraft that will carry out these routes will be based in Paros. The private flights for which the third aircraft has been booked will be able, among other things, to depart and arrive in Athens.