Vicky Kaya: Sophia Hadjipanteli could return to GNTM at the end of the season

Sophia Hadjipanteli Vicky Kaya

Vicky Kaya gave her thoughts about, among other things, Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM), the statements of the former contestant Anna Amanatidou and also about Sophia Hadjipanteli.

The model and presenter spoke to the camera of the "Super Katerina" show and initially referred to the former contestant of the fashion competition, who publicly stated that Vicky Kaya did not help her in anything.

"I have never been in contact with Anna. She never asked me for help and I was happy to give it to her if she asked. All the girls who have come and texted me or called me, whatever they needed, I was there," said Kaya.

Regarding Lakis Gavalas and his statements about GNTM, she said: "I love Lakis. We have known each other for many years. I want him to speak his mind undisturbed."

Finally, she referred to Sophia Hadjipanteli, for whom she stated that "it is not excluded that she will return towards the end of GNTM".

Vicky Kaya is a Greek fashion model and television presenter. She has appeared on the covers of numerous international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Esquire, Madame Figaro, Marie Claire, and Elle.

In 2011, she founded The Fashion Workshop, which is the official offshoot of the educational colossus Mod'Art International, where the most eminent and qualified professionals, from all the relevant fields, offer their experience and know-how in fashion to the younger generations, through a unique studies program.

Fashion Workshop is based in the centre of Athens and is also certified by the minister of education of Greece.

In 2020, she founded Great for Women, a brand that focuses on women's well-being. Great for Women first product is a multivitamin for women.

Meanwhile, with a Greek-Cypriot father and a British mother, Sophia Hadjipanteli carves her own path towards acceptance of diversity.

She has made her own statement against the stereotypical standards of perfect beauty and is famous all over the world for her united, thick, natural, impressive brows.

The #UnibrowMovement has begun, a body positive movement that ignores the "shoulds" and promotes mold-free beauty and the freedom for people to feel confident with their unique features but also do whatever they want to look the way they want.

She has been photographed in international magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, New York Times and Vanity Fair and has worked with leading designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier.

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