Thessaloniki: Man who savagely killed a kitten was identified and prosecuted

Thessaloniki animal abuse

The man who savagely killed a kitten in Thessaloniki on August 20 was finally identified by police and has been prosecuted. In addition to the criminal charges, the police imposed a 30,000 euro fine on the 39-year-old for killing the helpless animal.

According to Proto Thema, the police officers handling the case managed to identify the accused after examining the video material they had from a company's security cameras that recorded his movements frame by frame. They used this information and witness statements.

As it turned out, the man who trampled and killed the newborn kitten is 39-years-old and lives in the centre of Thessaloniki.

"We thank everyone who, after the publication of the video in the mass media, rushed to provide information and help find the perpetrator of the heinous act", the representative of the Thessaloniki Philanthropic Organisation "Noiazoami", Evi Kalaitzidou, said.

She is the one who raised the issue with the abuse of the newborn animal.

"The statement given to the police by the woman who found the kitten dead was very important," she emphasised.

The videos:

The video, which was recorded by security cameras of a store on Ermou Street in Thessaloniki, shows the moment when a man in a coloured shirt and hat approaches the newborn cat and steps on it. In fact, he is clearly seen looking around to see if any passers-by have noticed him before he leaves the scene.

The video with the very harsh images was delivered a few days after the incident to the Thessaloniki Philanthropic Organisation "Noiazoami", which in turn submitted a relevant complaint to the police.

White Tower Security Department police officers filed a case against him for the abuse and possible killing of an animal.

As seen in the other video, the perpetrator in the red shirt, attempts to kill the kitten again in the same way while it is hiding between parked vehicles. However, the kitten does not succeed and tries to save itself by going under a car.

But the man follows it and as soon as the animal tries to escape, he catches up with it and tramples on it mercilessly.

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