Mykonos: Substitute teacher asked to pay 600 euros for 20 sq.m. rental house

Mykonos Greece

A substitute teacher learned just four days ago that she was assigned to a primary school in Mykonos, however, her excitement to work on the Cycladic Island has turned into a stressful event as rent prices are through the roof.

She has been making frantic efforts to solve the issue of her housing, although the demands from the owners of apartments or rooms are prohibitive because of her budget, Proto Thema reported.

She is not the only teacher who faces the same problem in popular tourist destinations in the country, especially in Mykonos where most property owners keep them closed during the winter waiting for the tourist season to open, expecting more profits than securing long-term contracts.

"I'll give you an example, they asked me 600 euros rent for a 20 square metre room, excluding electricity and water bills. With a salary of around 900 euros, what should I pay first?" asked the teacher.

And he adds: "If you calculate my living expenses, my transportation to see my family at Christmas, you understand how difficult it is for a teacher who has no other financial support to cope with their duties."

The paradox is that her contract with the Ministry of Education was signed yesterday and Monday is supposed to be her first day at school.

If she does not show up, she faces a two-year sentence of not bring able to be a substitute teachers. Now she plans to spend two nights in a hotel room and report to school on Monday.

The teacher hopes that some resident or the municipal authority will become aware of her situation and provide a solution for her problem.

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