Tsipras: "We're calling for the extension of territorial waters in the Eastern Mediterranean"

Alexis Tsipras

"The difficult thing will not be to win the elections. The difficult thing will be to manage the chaos that will be left behind by the 'excellent'," commented president of the opposition SYRIZA, Alexis Tsipras, when closing the two-day meeting of the party's Central Committee.

Tsipras made a detailed report on the actions of his government in the economy, asking his executives to "raise the glove" in the public debate on specific issues, and at the same time he accused the government of trying to "overturn reality in a vulgar way" in the real economy.

He focused on the performance of Greek bonds, saying that "there is no way we can enter investment grade because the policy of Mr. Mitsotakis is a failed policy" and asked his officials to defend all this "aggressively and proudly" on the television panels.

The opposition leader lambasted the government's doctrine of being the "loyal and given ally" in foreign policy issues.

"We are asking for the extension of territorial waters in the Eastern Mediterranean", announced Tsipras, speaking of "an absolutely clear message of exercise" of our sovereignty, simultaneously opening talks on the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone and the continental shelf, with all neighbouring countries in Eastern Mediterranean.

"I have no problem with formulating a different opinion on strategic issues," Tsipras replied to Theodora Dritsa, but he called "one of the main problems of the party" the question of credibility, in the sense that "we will be a government tomorrow."

"The government must tell us when the self-governing elections will be held", demanded the head of the official opposition.

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