Thessaloniki: Impressive maneuvers by the F-16 of the Air Force's "Zeus" group (VIDEO)

Thessaloniki F-16 Oxi Day 2022

The sky above Thessaloniki thundered shortly after 11am on Wednesday because the F-16 fighter jet of the Air Force's Zeus air demonstration group carried out a test flight ahead of the October 28 Oxi Day military parade.

The impressive spectacle was enjoyed by those who were at the New Beach of Thessaloniki and a large number of people in the Holy Church of Agios Dimitrios.

The city not only celebrates today its liberation from the Ottomans in 1912, but also its protector and Patron Saint Demetrius.

The pilot performed impressive maneuvers a breath away from apartment buildings, with people on their balconies and on the sidewalk bursting into applause.

A few minutes later, the historic Spitfire warplane accompanied by F-16s also flew in the sky of the city.

See photos from the F16 flight of the "Zeus" team

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