The lonely but proud Oxi Day student parades in Naxos and Gavdos

Apollonas Naxos Oxi Day 2022 student parade greek flag

A small village on Naxos and the isolated island of Gavdos, to the south of Crete, held student parades to commemorate Oxi Day with only one and two participants respectively.

The one and only schoolgirl paraded again this year for the celebration of October 28 in Apollonas, Naxos.

Eframina is a sixth grade student in the picturesque village of Naxos. In fact, she is the school's only student!

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Meanwhile, Gavdos celebrated the anniversary of October 28 with pride and emotion. Even if the island's residents and students are few in number, the island loudly applauded the two kindergarten students who held the Greek flag and marched to honour the struggles of their ancestors.

A wreath was laid at the Monument of the Heroes by army officials and the municipal councilor of Gavdos, Giorgos Papadakis.

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