Turkey: "Greece is creating a Shadow Army to kill refugees," writes provocatively Yeni Şafak


With the provocative title, Turkish outlet Yeni Şafak writes: "Pirates of Athens. Greece is creating a 'Shadow Army' to kill refugees" and continues the fake news against the European country, faithfully following the line of the Turkish government which methodically uses immigration as a tool against Greece and the EU.

The newspaper cites a report by the Al-Jazeera network, in which migrants are said to be speaking, who complain that masked men at the border torture migrants and confiscate their money and passports like pirates.

"The masked men hiding in the forest torture the migrants they catch as pirates and push them to the Turkish border after first taking their money and passports. Eyewitnesses speak of people speaking different languages, including Arabic. The number of victims on the Greek border is unknown due to the silence of the Greek authorities, the European Border and Coast Guard Service," writes Yeni Şafak, attempting once again to present "white as black" by putting Greece on the dock...

"The Greek government so far denies the existence of the 'Shadow Army'. However, a video revealed that masked soldiers harassed refugees in front of European security services", the newspaper continues, referring to the statements of the head of MeRA25, Yanis Varoufakis, with which he agrees with the Turkish narrative surrounding immigration and its treatment by Greece.

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