Lonely Planet: Halkidiki tops the travel destinations "to unwind" in 2023

Halkidiki Greece Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2023 has been published.

Lonely Planet's annual list includes, among other things, travel experts' predictions for 2023. Best in Travel 2023 is Lonely Planet's 18th annual compilation, featuring 30 must-see destinations around the world definitely in future travel plans.

This year's list focuses on special local perspectives at the heart of each destination and is sorted by the type of trip each traveler is looking for: eat, learn, journey, unwind and connect.

Each category presents 6 destinations. According to the authority, this change in the organisation of the list signals Lonely Planet's renewed dedication to helping travelers navigate the world by providing the most important purposes and ways.

Lonely Planet's Best in Travel 2023 offers a set of itineraries that aim to help travelers explore the world, through the experiences of experts.

In the relaxation category, Halkidiki ranks first on the list, followed by Jordan through the lens of designer Tanya George, Jamaica, which has its eye on the future, and the ever-popular Malta, places that offer tempting opportunities for relaxation.


In the eat category, Peru's capital Lima, led by chef Ricardo Martins, affordable world-class restaurants in South Africa and the food scene in Umbria, Italy, are among the first.

Then, journey's include the night train between Istanbul and Sofia and an extended road trip to Nova Scotia, narrated by surfer Dean Petty.

Further afield, travelers looking to connect with distinctive local scenes head to bustling, artsy Accra and Sydney, which is getting back on the map after the enforced break of the past few years.

In the learning category, destinations such as New Mexico with Native American ShanDien dancer Sonwai LaRance, Manchester, home to one of the UK's most dynamic art scenes and the laid-back surf culture of El Salvador, are featured.

Each year, Lonely Planet's Best Travel 2023 lists begin with nominations from Lonely Planet's vast community of staff, writers, bloggers, publishing partners and others. The nominations are then whittled down by the travel specialist team to just 30 destinations.

Each destination is chosen for its current image, unique experiences, wow factor and ongoing commitment to sustainability, community and diversity.

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