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Porsche's Greece

The most loyal and devoted Porsche fans can be found in the organised clubs of the German brand. The first Porsche club was founded in the spring of 1952 and after seven decades it now has more than 700 branches worldwide and more than 240,000 members.

Among the Clubs there is the Porsche Club Greece which is among the top 10 Clubs in the world!

The Global Community Management team of Porsche AG is celebrating this special anniversary with a global campaign under the slogan “Enduring Passion”.

In fact, the Porsche Club Greece is organising with a celebratory character a three-day Pan-Hellenic Anniversary Event to mark 70 years since the founding of the first Porsche Club. The event will take place from November 25 to 27 at Plastira Lake, for the members and friends of the Club.

Speaking to News Auto, the president and events manager of the Porsche Club Greece, Mr. Dimokas Dimitrios, revealed that: "We started in 2003 as a Club, but in 2017 a large increase in members was recorded, with the result being that the Greek Club of the German brand acquiring a very large dynamic."

"In fact, Porsche Club Greece is included in the Top-10 Porsche clubs, of which there are over 713 in the entire world. At the same time in June when the Porsche Club Greece is celebrating 20 years of operation, we are planning a special event in Greece with the participation of other European Clubs.

"Our main goal, beyond our love for German models, is the promotion of Greek tourist destinations to the members of Porsche Clubs of other countries, which we hope will visit as tourists and even VIP tourists!"

Porsche, one of the biggest brands in the world and Porsche Club Greece – addressed to its car owners – is a club of high standards, worthy of the name and expectations of the German brand. Porsche Club Greece is officially recognised by the Greek state and by Porsche itself in Germany.

Worldwide there are 713 Porsche Clubs in 85 countries, while in Europe there are 292 clubs officially recognised by Porsche Germany.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to mention the members and the number of members of the Associations. But it is very important, if you consider that Porsche Club Greece alone has 526 active members nationwide.

The Club is a natural meeting place for its members, but also the point of expression and manifestation of their love for Porsches.

About 80% of car owners are between 35-58 years old. They are famous people, with a strong personality, with demands and maintain a high standard of living, as their professional and personal appreciation allows them.

The appropriate planning of the club's actions emphasise five different areas: tourism, sports, culture, society and charity events.

Porsche's Greece

The event

An impressive convoy of German beauties will arrive at their destination on 25/11 in the Municipality of Mouzaki at the Mouzaki Palace hotel where they will gather together with the rest of the members of Northern Greece. On the same evening, a Welcome Gala will take place.

On Saturday at 10:00 a.m. is the departure for Lake Plastira and a visit to the Holy Monastery of Koronis. At 12:30 is the departure for Agios Athanasios to Plaz Lampero restaurant for lunch.

After lunch is traveling to the dam of Plastira Lake for photos and return to the hotel for the evening celebratory Gala at 21:00 at the Mouzaki Palace hotel hall.

On Sunday 27/11 at 10:30 a.m. departure for Trikala to the well-known and famous Tsilili winery and at 1:30 p.m. by car to the Halili estate restaurant for lunch and then return to the original destination.

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the establishment of the first Porsche Club in 1952, but also to highlight Greece abroad as a top tourist destination for owners or non-owners of the top Porsche cars.

Porsche's Greece

The history of Porsche Club Greece

Porsche Club Greece, which was founded on February 23, 2003 with the first meeting of Porsche owners in Athens, records almost 20 years of life. Essentially the effort started in early 2003 and was extremely difficult as everything was starting from scratch.

The pioneers and initiators of the idea, Petros Roussos and Alberto Di Maggio, undertook the difficult task and on June 3, 2003 the founding meeting was held at the offices of the Sports Car Owners Association.

There, the first form of the club's logo was presented and the statute was approved in order to proceed with the legal process of establishing the club. Also in the summer of 2003 the documents were sent, all translated into Germany for the official recognition of the Club.

The construction of the site in August gives a complete picture of the Club to its members.

The Porsche Club was approved by the court of first instance on December 9, 2003, while on January 15, 2004 it was officially recognised by Porsche AG. The first elections of Porsche Club Greece took place on February 15, 2004.

George K. Andris is a columnist for News Auto.

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