What you MUST pack when traveling Greece in Autumn

meteora in autumn

The summer is long gone and now we enter a period of "off-season" travel in Greece, where you can certainly look forward to a pleasant climate, less crowds, and more affordable rates.

The Greek mainland and islands continue to attract a substantial amount of holidaymakers. In October and November, you can expect the temperature to average at around 20ºC to 24ºC (68°F to 75°F) and from 6 to 8 hours of sunshine throughout the day.

Rain or shine, the sea maintains a moderate temperature of over 20ºC (68°F). In autumn, you can actually enjoy the cooler evenings, which are conducive to a good night’s sleep in a pleasant temperature of less than 20ºC (68°F).

As autumn in Greece could be considered as more the end of summer than a prelude to winter, swimming in the sea or the hotel pool are still great ways to enjoy your days on vacation.

With holidays in Greece being all about all-day action tht often includes sightseeing, swimming, refueling at tavernas and exploring every corner of the city and its nightlife when it comes to clothing during this time of year, layering is the safest bet.

The perfect packing list

Travel Smart. You can top up your wadrobe at great Greek boutiques/Photo: Shutterstock
Travel Smart. You can top up your wadrobe at great Greek boutiques/Photo: Shutterstock.

While short pants, skirts and short-sleeved t-shirts are essential fording the perfect layered outfit, make sure that a sweater, light jacket, long pants and comfortable walking shoes are part of your ensemble as at this time of year the weather can change from hot to chilly within minutes.

Shackets?? are easy to match, comfy and light enough to carry. Combine them with a scarf to elevate your outfit and make it ideal for a night out. Clever mixing and matching is common practice for stylish holidaymakers.

Swimwear and beachwear shouldn’t be left out of the bag! Even during autumn, there are plenty of warm days, and no matter where you‘re heading to on holiday, you’re bound to be surrounded by plenty of beaches that you’ll want to visit.

Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are a must not only for your swims but for morning strolls too.

Travelling etiquette

Avoid the crowds with off season travel/Photo: Unsplash
Avoid the crowds with off season travel/Photo: Unsplash

While dress code does not apply -at least for the most mainstream types of vacation, certain venues do require – either officially or not – a general clothing etiquette.

If you are staying in an elegant and luxurious hotel, make sure to pack a few items of eveningwear, like a collared long-sleeved shirt that you can wear on all kinds of formal occasions and can be worn from morning to night.

If you’re planning to enjoy outdoor action in nature, make sure you pack the right kind of shoes, a light waterproof jacket and other such suitable clothing.

If your itinerary will include religious sightseeing, a fairly strict dress code is required by the Greek Orthodox Church: no shorts, with women being required to cover their arms and wear long skirts.

Neat and flat in your bag

Save space with new luggage organisers/Photo: Unsplash
Save space with new luggage organisers/Photo: Unsplash

One basic rule for preventing smaller items from scattering around your suitcase is to use packing cubes and pouches. One of the best way to fit lots of clothes into a bag while also keeping them practically crease free is to roll them, which also helps you fill out all the available space.

Any small gaps can be filled with smaller items like underwear, nightwear and socks. Yet another good reason why you should plan outfits composed of thin layers is that light pieces are also usually smaller and easier to pack, making them ideal for carry-on traveling

When in Greece, just go with the flow Packing comfortable and functional clothing and shoes that make you feel stylish is the most important thing to keep in mind.

However, taking your one or two of your absolute favourite items of clothing or accessories with you -helps to boost both your comfort and confidence levels.

What more do you need to enjoy your vacation in Greece?

Victoria Savvinopoulou is a columnist for Travel.

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