Turkey: New damage to Hagia Sophia's Imperial Gate (VIDEO)

Hagia Sophia new damage

Vandalism continues in Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. With his post on social networks, the archaeologist Ömer Faruk Yavaşçay revealed new damage to the Imperial Gate of the former Cathedral, under the mosaic depicting the emperors Constantine the Great and Justinian I offering the infant Virgin Mary "Constantinople" and "Hagia Sophia" respectively.

"Today I found a very sad sight in the Hagia Sophia mosque and our history. Unfortunately again damage was caused to the gate directly below the mosaic with the offerings of the emperors. I took photos and videos to document this situation," commented the Turkish archaeologist, posting relevant material that confirms his claims.

In the video, Yavaşçay can be heard saying the following: "Unfortunately, another sad image from Hagia Sophia. The door below the mosaic of the Emperors offering has been destroyed. Unfortunately, it's a very sad picture."

Publications of the opposition press in Turkey refer to the new complaints stating that the Imperial Gate of Hagia Sophia had been destroyed in the past.

"In the past, some people scratched the walls or even the gate, wanting to detach a part from the site as they considered these fragments sacred. In fact, some of these fragments had been eaten," they write, noting that the historical marbles also have serious damage.

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The Imperial Gate is an exquisite wooden double-leaf door that leads to the main ground floor area of ​​the monument. The oak gate is seven metres high and surrounded by a bronze frame. It dates from the 6th century, while its leaves are covered by round bronze plates.

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