Sözcü demands Erdoğan send the "Abdulhamid Khan" to the "Blue Homeland"

Abdulhamid Khan Turkey Sozcu

With the provocative title: "Don't be silent about the occupation of the Eastern Mediterranean", the Turkish opposition newspaper Sözcü presented the complaints of opposition MP Aytun Çıray against the Erdoğan government.

The publication speaks of a "remarkable change" in Turkish drilling activity in the Eastern Mediterranean, after the "partnership" of Greece, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt with the support of the EU and the USA, which targets the "Blue Homeland".

Speaking to the newspaper, Çıray, MP of the Good Party and adviser to its founder Meral Akşener, described the "Abdulhamid Khan" as a "symbol of Turkey's sovereign rights" in the region, aiming his shots at the government because it remains in Attaleia (Ἀττάλεια, Turkish: Antalya) Bay.

"The vessel 'Abdulhamid Khan' moved on August 9 to the Yörükler-1 location, 55 kilometres from Holmoi (Ὅλμοι, Turkish: Taşucu), for drilling, where it was presented with a great ceremony as a national success. However, the ship quietly returned to the port Taşucu," said the Good Party MP.

"This move satisfies Greece, the EU and the USA. At the same time, Cyprus continues investigations with the Italian ENI and the French Total in plot 6,a significant part of which belongs to the maritime jurisdiction of Turkey," Çıray added.

The Good Party MP denounced the Erdoğan government for the "withdrawal" of "Abdulhamid Khan", claiming that it is a "violation of Turkey's sovereign rights in the 'Blue Homeland' of 462,000 square kilometres and silence about its occupation."

In the same spirit, Sözcü pointed out that the non-exit of the "Abdulhamid Khan" in the Eastern Mediterranean means legitimising the claims of the "Charter of Seville", which almost imprisons Turkey in the Gulf of Antalya.

"This is unacceptable. That is why our research and drilling vessels should immediately return to the Mediterranean, preventing Greece's plans and the 'Map of Seville'," concluded the article.

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