Turkey celebrates "Turkish Coffee Day" with a tweet in Greek - Watch the video

Turkish coffee

Turkey is celebrating the "World Turkish Coffee Day" today and wanted to shock Greece by making a social media post in Greek.

Although it is not something they do often, the Directorate of Communication of the Turkish Republic chose to post in Greek. They even used a Greek voice for the video, perhaps wanting to emphasise to Greece that it is not "Greek coffee", as it is called in our country, but Turkish.

"We enjoy the Turkish Coffee that our ancient civilization offers to the whole world, mixing it with the wisdom of Anatolia and roasting it in the pot of the heart, knowing that we will remember it for a lifetime. Today, December 5th, we celebrate World Turkish Coffee Day," the post says with an almost two-minute video that presents Turkey's version of history.

In fact, in the video, an announcer speaking in Greek claims that in 1543 (while the subtitles say 1453), Özdemir Pasha "Brought coffee from Yemen to Istanbul..." and that since then it has spread throughout Europe as a Turkish drink.

Check out the post and video:

According to UNESCO, Turkish coffee is an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turkey and its history in Greece began during the years of Turkish rule. The first to know the coffee that the Turks brought with them were the Greeks of Constantinople, Thessaloniki and, in general, Northern Greece.

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