Phoebus: "I never wrote music for Anna Vissi because I did not want to upset Despina Vandi"

Despina Vandi Anna Vissi

The "eternal feud" between Despina Vandi and Anna Vissi, which in the 00s had divided the fans of the two beloved singers, ended when they were on the stage of J2US.

Although they later denied that there was a great rivalry between them and that the media were to blame for everything, the well-known songwriter Phoebus revealed in an indirect way that the rivalry was certainly real.

As he revealed for the first time on Natalia Germanou's show on Sunday morning, he closely collaborated with Anna Vissi. But in the end, he stopped the collaboration because, as he said, he did not want to upset Despina Vandi.

The creator of Vandi's greatest hits said: "[A] Phoebos-Anna [collaboration] was going to happen at some point, but it never did because I thought I would make Despina very upset. With Despina, I wasn't just her producer and composer, but, I was also her friend and I would never want to upset my friend."

"I always put friendship before work. So it could have happened, but it didn't," he added, however, that "now I would be very happy to work with Anna."

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