ARTA: Kato Panagia Monastery was scammed thousands of euros

Kato Panagia Monastery Arta

The scammers who managed to steal the bank codes of the Kato Panagia monastery in Arta under the pretext that they would make a donation of 5,000 euros, transferred to their own accounts whatever money they found!

The fraud unfolded on August 25 and was solved four months later by Artas Security, whose investigation revealed the details of the three Greek perpetrators, a 50 -year-old woman, a 20-year- old woman and a 19-year-old woman, Proto Thema reported.

It all started when one of the perpetrators contacted the manager by phone, told her she wanted to donate 5,000 euros at the monastery and sent her an e-mail asking for the bank codes of the e-banking of the monastery, allegedly to deposit the money directly.

The e-mail sent to her contained a link that redirected her to a fake website similar to the bank's, where the person in charge entered the codes, thus granting access to the scammers, who allegedly transferred 7,840 euros from the monastery's account to their own their.

After the nun's complaint, the police investigated the case and finally identified the three perpetrators, against whom a case for complicity computer fraud was filed and submitted to the prosecutor of Plimmeliodiki Arta.

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