Where can you buy the Russian-made Lada in Greece?

Russian-made Lada

The future for the Russian-made Lada was bright. Renault had big plans for the brand by upgrading it with a simultaneous upgrade for Dacia. But these were only valid up until conflict broke out in Ukraine once again.

Now, as News Auto reported, there has been a change in Russia as European companies are leaving and Chinese companies are finding a new market to expand.


In practice, there is an embargo on Russian products on European markets and anything that continues to be available is from stocks that have run out or come from third countries.

Finally, can one buy a Lada in Greece?

After the departure of Lada Hellas from our country, car distributor Ladagroup cannot import any Russian vehicles. Any Niva or other model sold is imported and pre-war availability/stock.

That's why the Ladas that are sold are not covered by any factory warranty!

Lada Niva

In practice, Ladagroup has no communication with the plant in Russia which is in a full reorganisation phase. On the other hand, even if one finds a non-imported Niva, it is not only the sale price that discourages but also the road tax which reaches 700 euros due to the high carbon dioxide emission.

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