James Franco in an Athens nightclub: He tenderly kissed his partner and bought a koulouri (PHOTOS)

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

James Franco seems to have a great love for Greece, and especially its night life. It is recalled that the great Hollywood star spent a large part of his summer vacations in the clubs of the Aegean islands, but now in the winter he is enjoying the music scene of Athens.

The camera spotted Franco in an Athens nightclub with his partner, Izabel Pakzad. Dressed casually in overalls and sweatshirts, he was particularly effusive with his partner, whom he kissed tenderly at one point.

In fact, when the couple left the nightclub, they bought a koulouri from a street vendor.

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

Isabel Pakzad, for her part, was all smiles and relaxed, while she too opted for a more comfortable outfit consisting of a white top and velvet-textured trousers – a popular trend for the season.

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

The couple has been in a relationship for over two years, while in recent summers they prefer our country for their summer vacations.

James Franco Athens nightclub December 2022

The relationship between the two actors is said to have started in November 2017. The paparazzi have spotted them several times together, while they have also attended official events together.

Pakzad, from New Jersey, in fact, stood by the side of 43-year-old Franco even when he was accused of abuse.

He was accused by two of his former students at the drama school he taught of sexual harassment and sexual coersion. For his part, he had described the accusations against him as untrue.

However, in June 2021, he was ordered to pay $2.2 million in monetary damages to settle the lawsuit. In addition, a few months ago he admitted that he is addicted to sex and that he has had sex with his female students.

None-the-less, as Franco's visits to Athens are more frequent and he tries to combine their professional obligations with entertainment, he has become close friends with legendary Greek singer Anna Vissi.

They recently met at the night club where Dionysis Schinas sings.

Wearing a hat and looking casual, James Franco looked like he was having a lot of fun, with patrons who noticed his presence in the nightclub capturing his reactions.

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After his summer vacation in Mykonos, the actor has now returned to Greece in the autumn and winter on numerous occasions, showing that he is not just a lover of the Greek summer, but Greece all year round.

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Photos from Marie Claire Greece.