Snik and Iota Ioannidou are back together!

Giwta Iwannidou Snik

Iota Ioannidou and Snik decided a month ago to go their separate ways after their trip to the Maldives. However, as everything shows it was something temporary since the couple are together again!

The revelation was made through social media, with a series of shared stories, which the model published on her personal Instagram account.3 33

In the first story, Ioannidou upload a photo of the trapper while they were out enjoying their breakfast. Then, in a second Instagram story, the model is seen in his car.

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Although they had unfollowed each other on Instagram, now Ioannidou seems to be following the trapper again.

According to the "To Proinono" show, the background to the couple's brief separation was regarding a wild fight, about two weeks ago, at Snik's house in the northern suburbs of Athens. This led them to the "final end" and even made the model contact the local police station.

Ioannidou did not push with charges, but the incident was recorded by the authorities, according to what was said in the report of the Ant1 morning show.

The two had been in a relationship since June, with the news of their relationship becoming known after their trip to Paris. In fact, sometime later there were rumours that they were even engaged.

At the beginning of their relationship, Iota worked in the catering industry and at the same time took photoshoots and featured in video clips.

In fact, she has also modelled for the brand of Ioanna Touni, as the photos on her Instagram profile show.

Over the European summer, Snik had been in the news several times, and all for the wrong reasons. First, there was the incident in Katerini club and his friends came to blows with other patrons.

A few days later in Thessaloniki, a video showed him having an intense argument with a teenager on the street.

Another incident also came to light as another trapper uploaded a photo of Snik and "warned" him that he would upload videos of him being beaten.

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