Notis Mavroudis: He was killed in the yard of his house at the age of 77

20230104 083347

The well-known was a Greek composer, songwriter, guitarist, columnist and radio producer.

Notis Mavroudis lost his life in his home in Koukourava after falling off the roof at a height of 3 meters.

According to, Notis Mavroudis put a piece of wood on the railings of the yard of his house and stepped on it, but he probably lost his balance or got dizzy and fell into the void.

The 77-year-old composer fell with his head from a height of three meters and hit a stone, as a result of which he was fatally injured!

His wife called ambulance at 20.45. A mobile unit with a doctor went to the scene, but Notis Mavroudis had already passed away.

His body was taken to the Volos Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead.

The sad news was announced by his son, Haris Mavroudis, with a post on Facebook:

"If something characterized our father Notis Mavroudis as a person, it was his kindness, his morals and his modesty.