Amalin: Thessaloniki's first Roma cuisine restaurant is opening soon!

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The first restaurant with Roma cuisine is opening in the centre of Thessaloniki in February! Amalin is the culmination of years of efforts by the Roma Women's Association of Dendropotamos to integrate women into society who belong to vulnerable groups of the population and are looking for a way out.

The first Non-Profit Roma Restaurant in Thessaloniki

Amalin will be the first Non-Profit Roma Restaurant in Greece's second city, cooked and served by women from the settlement of Dendropotamos. It is set up in a space on Karaoli and Dimitriou streets, in the area of ​​Diikitirio.

"It was a lifelong dream for us. The Association for 20 years has been fighting for inclusion and the promotion of good practices. What could be better then to highlight traditional Roma cuisine," said the head of the effort, President of the Roma Women's Association of Dendropotamos, Giannoula Magga.

Amalin Thessaloniki Roma

Roma cuisine is special

According to her, in speaking with TV100's Check in events show,Roma cuisine is special and worth trying, while at the same time a diner will be supporting this important community project.

"It is the best way to show society that we are a part of it. That we are not invisible. Roma women will work in the restaurant. When I say socially vulnerable, we are also talking about ex-imprisoned women. We will give them the impetus to find their way," she emphasised.

Preparations for the operation of the restaurant are feverish and during this period the equipment is installed and the list of the delicious menu is being drawn up. Stuffed lamb, Roma stew with herbs and special pilaf are all expected to be stand out dishes.

Amalin is set to open its doors on February 4 with an introductory event for the city's people.

Watch the interview of Giannoula Manga on TV100:

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