XPLORE Oceans Aquarium: An exciting opportunity to dive into an underwater world

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Those who have snorkelled know the feelings of euphoria that arises when seeing underwater creatures swim close by: excitement, joy, surprise but also an unprecedented calmness - as if time stops, which is why you must go to XPLORE Oceans Aquarium in Athens to feel it again... or for the first time!


XPLORE Oceans Aquarium has 19 tanks that house hundreds of marine species and about 2,000 fish which the visitor can be informed about in detail with the - completely free - audio tour through the screens (with QR codes) located next to the tanks.

Each tank has its own setting and its own "inhabitants", thus giving the visitor the most complete picture of the oceans possible. For example, in the one where the coral reef dominates, many species of tropical fish find refuge, with strange names and even more unusual colours , which change from day to night.

The Clown Fish, the "protagonist" of "Finding Nemo", hangs around a sea anemone, while very often crossing paths with "Dory" and her friends, fish belonging to the species "Blue Surgeon", named because at the base of its tail they have a small barb that cuts like a surgical scalpel.

Lionfish are poisonous, while tiny "Doctor Fish" take care of the (much) bigger ones. A huge, solitary ruff allows only the Doctor Fish to approach it, and in return it offers protection and safety. A very interesting symbiotic relationship that teaches us a lot about the wonder of nature.


Another tank is home to the ultimate ocean predator. In the aquarium, there are three species of the shark that inspires awe.


But that's not all. The Mediterranean also has a place in this aquatic world and is represented by several species. Everything has its own character and habits, some species are very social, some others keep... distance.

And next to all this, among anchors, wrecks and corals, giant lobsters, king crabs, crimson shrimps, seahorses and starfish remind us not only how dazzling nature is, but also how much it needs to continue existing intact.


Photos: Panagiotis Koufalexis

Info: XPLORE Oceans Aquarium

Golden Hall (1st floor)
37A Kifisias St, Marousi
Hours: Monday to Sunday 10.00 - 21.00

Entrance fee: 7.5 euros. Book your tickets online with a -10% discount

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