Turkey: "The Russian-made S-400 is not needed," says the head of military manufacturer


The general manager of ASELSAN - a company that develops and manufactures advanced military products for the Turkish Armed Forces - Haluk Görgün, argued that: "There is no need for the S-400" since Turkey has developed its own domestic air defence system.

Speaking to the Milliyet newspaper, Görgün defended the possibility of local air defence systems, which may lead to the withdrawal of the Russian-made S-400, which have so far only created problems as Turkey was excluded from acquiring the American-made F-35 fifth-generation fighter jets.

"We don't need the S-300, S-400. We eliminate their need. This is our task," said ASELSAN's general manager when guiding the Milliyet reporter around ASELSAN 's new facilities in Gölbaşı.

He also highlighted the capabilities of the Turkish SİPER air defence system, which has a communication station and search radar.

"This radar is constantly working to see if there is a missile coming your way. There is also a control centre. It has a missile launch system. It has a friend or foe identification system," he pointed out.

"The domestic production of the defence industry is close to 80%," according to the publication.

ASELSAN is one of the largest Turkish companies and produces special radars, unmanned vehicles, weapons, electronic warfare systems, and other products.

With more than 10 thousand employees, ASELSAN supports many domestic productions and large projects such as: SİHA, IHA, Atak, TAI Hürjet, MMU, TCG Anadolu ship and Kızılelma, with electronic systems, software, radar and etc.

The SIPER air defence system is implemented by ASELSAN in cooperation with Turkish defence industries ROKETSAN and SAGE.

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