Despina Vandi reacts to the possibility of marriage

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From last night's J2US, once again there was no lack of teasing from Nikos Koklonis, this time directed at Despina Vandi.

The presenter was inspired by the song "Zilevo Poli" (I'm very jealous), whose lyrics he falsified, making a dedication to Vandi.

“Miss, I live bride to see you here at J2US. I may not have blonde hair, nor balloons, but I feel that in the fifth cycle something will happen, I will live it too," he said, with the singer answering him: "What will you live?".

"A suggestion, something. But you know what is really important? One thing is important, Despina... the important thing is that he wants you a lot, he wants you a lot, he dances at your feet, he wants you a lot, he wants you a lot and he enchants you", Nikos Koklonis told her, referring to Vasilis Bisbikis.

Meanwhile, Vandi released her new song with the Kings titled "Ya Habibi" on Friday!

Although just a few days old, it has already racked up tens of thousands of views and is sure to become a summer party classic.

See the video:

To mark the release of the song, the well-known singer decided to lip sync it together with her daughter, Melina.

The two danced while the new song was being played in the gym in Glyfada maintained by Melina Nikolaidi' partner, Alexandros Polychroniadis.

Check out the video they uploaded on Tik Tok:

@desp1navandiofficial #Yahabibi #spotify #fyp @kingsbandtv ♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - kingsbandtv

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