Security guard at beachside pub shoves Greek Australian autistic boy and his mother to the ground (see video)


A security guard has been placed on leave after a dispute at the Coogee Pavilion escalated into violence. A teenage boy was pushed to the ground and so was his mother who tried to intervene. The entire incident was caught on camera see the channel 7 see video.

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Patrons at Coogee Pavilion witnessed the shocking incident about 3.20pm on Easter Saturday, where the security guard was seen dragging the teenager out of the venue.

Bystanders scrambled to get out of the way before the security guard forcibly threw the boy to the floor.

A young woman accompanying the boy repeatedly yelled at the security guard, saying the boy was only 13 years old.

In frustration, she shoved the security guard, who then shoved her back with such force that she fell to the floor.

“He’s autistic, he’s intellectually disabled,” the woman said repeatedly.

Police were called to the scene, but not by bystanders or either of the young people involved.