Cold lamb every Easter Monday... Heat it up!!!

lamb arni

Greek Easter has been associated with the cracking of eggs, tsoureki and of course spit roasting a lamb.

With most Greeks fleeing from the capital, the lambs were swirled, the skins were eaten, but of course, there is always something left over and put in the fridge.

So as good as Easter Sunday is, the next day is difficult.

Although you have run out of food and you really do not want to see any more meat in front of your eyes, Monday is the ideal opportunity to enjoy what is left over.

The lamb takes his place at the table again, ready to take his own revenge this time.

Remember those moments when you were younger and you were among uncles, cousins, grandparents - with how much passion and appetite they had for the cold lamb from the plate and ate it, telling you: "eat, do not be a fool. Cold lamb is much tastier ."

You may not have tried it, but a voice inside you was warning you that what you were going to do was wrong.

Fascinated, however, by the ignorance and innocence of your youth, you nodded and tasted the cold lamb on Easter Monday and you immediately understood that all this is a paranoia for the people that "christened" it delicious.

Ok, I may not be the biggest fan of the spit roast lamb and I prefer the kokoretsi, the kontosouvli or the goat, but let's be honest guys...

Obviously we support zero food waste. We will not throw away the lamb that will be left from Easter, we will eat it.

But let's warm it up a bit. All this joke with the cold lamb must stop. Don't you agree?

Giannis Bairaktaris is a correspondent for Gazetta

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