Crete: 200kg shark in fishermen's nets in Ierapetra - Watch the video

Crete shark

A large shark weighing approximately 250kg and 2.5 metres long got entangled in the nets of a fishing boat off Chrysis in Crete on Friday morning.

Watch the video:

Due to the weight of the whale, it was impossible to get it on the deck of the fishing boat and so the two fishermen, with careful movements and dragging the nets with the shark, managed to get it to the port of Ierapetra.

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Eventually they pulled it out of the nets and tied it with ropes to keep it on land, as the shark made a great effort to get back into the water and escape the fishermen.

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With the help of many people, they managed to load it into a car and take it to a fish shop in Ierapetra. This fish, also known as soapfish, will be cut into slices and made available to the public and hotels in Crete.

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