Greece is Making its Beaches Accessible to Vacationers With Reduced Mobility

Reduced Mobility Greece beaches Wheel chair access

Greece is a highly sought-after European summer vacation destination, but travelers with reduced mobility have faced difficulties accessing the country's beautiful beaches.

To address this issue, Greece has launched a beach accessibility program to make its turquoise waters more inclusive for all visitors.

With the help of €15 million in funding from the European Union, the Greek Ministry of Tourism has installed Seatrac systems on 147 of the country's 287 beaches.

These systems consist of automatic ramps equipped with sliding chairs that can transport visitors with reduced mobility directly to the water.

The ramp is operated with a remote control, enabling users to be independent and free from asking for assistance.

In addition to wheelchair users, the ramp can also be utilized by pregnant women and elderly people. The program includes an online platform that provides a list of accessible beaches and an interactive map.


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