Tempi train collision: Experts' Committee releases investigation findings

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Yesterday, a report released by government experts revealed that the February 28 head-on collision between a freight train and a passenger train in Greece, which killed 57 people, was caused by various factors in a railway system that had persistent problems.

The report stated that the accident was a result of problems related to operational procedures, human resources, technological equipment, and management.

The investigation revealed systemic problems and dysfunctions within the Greek railways, with delays in execution due to poor planning and errors by the contracting authority.

The report also noted serious safety problems throughout the network, including inadequate basic training for critical staff. The head of the engine drivers’ union expressed disappointment that the union was not invited to discuss the committee's findings.

(more report details at documento.gr in Greek) https://www.documentonews.gr/article/porisma-tis-epitropis-gerapetriti-gia-ta-tempi-ta-vasikotera-simeia/

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