Sergio Koke: Former Aris player sentenced to six years in prison

Sergio Koke

Sergio Koke was handed a six-year prison sentence! The veteran Spanish striker of Aris confessed that he was the leader of a drug trafficking ring, mainly trafficking marijuana, which he bought from Morocco and channeled to various European cities.

Koke initially faced a 16-year sentence, but his plea was reduced to six years. The Spaniard had already served 20 months in prison and he was released with restrictive conditions in July 2021, paying a bail of 15,000 euros.

The prosecutor will formalise the written charges on Wednesday, but has already presented them to the defendants in the courtroom. The sentences of Koke and the members of the criminal network, who also confessed, will not be appealable.

For the Vinculada case, a total of 18 people were arrested, with prosecutors speaking of a criminal organisation with very strong structures, which trafficked drugs through trucks.

According to the prosecution, the footballer’s key role in this network was through his being in charge of operations and giving orders on the quantities of drugs to buy, at what price, where to take them and what type of vehicle to hire for transport them.

The investigation led to the discovery of a large number of telephone conversations during which Koke exchanged information with other members of the organisation on how to manage some of the large shipments that they were handling.

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