Greek businesses face severe labour shortage: Survey

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More than 9 out of 10 businesses remain pessimistic about the state of the labour market, says a report by Greek Exporters Association

Greek businesses face a severe labour shortage which has influenced all economic activity, according to a survey by Greek Exporters Association (SEVE).

More than 90% of the 118 companies surveyed said they were pessimistic about the state of the labour market, as the survey released Tuesday.

In addition, the majority highlighted the mismatch between supply and demand in the labour market and blamed it on a lack of specialization and training.

The shortage affects not only the tourism and catering sectors but a scarcity of workers has become a common problem for different-sized enterprises operating in various sectors of the Greek economy, according to the survey,

SEVE suggested establishing a better and more effective connection between educational institutions and businesses.

It noted that technical education, focusing on future professions, should be improved, and non-wage labour costs should be decreased to fix the problem.

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