Turkey presented its new Kemankeş weapon

Kemankeş turkey

The Turkish company Baykar, known for the manufacture of unmanned aerial vehicles, is entering the air weapons market with the presentation of the Kemankeş Ordnance at the TEKNOFEST technology exhibition held in Istanbul.

Kemankeş has a range of over 50 km, with a terminal phase sink speed of Mach 0.7 and a cruise speed of Mach 0.3.

It is powered by a small jet engine and has a target tracking camera with x36 zoom, a laser range finder and the ability to operate autonomously with an autopilot. The ammunition can stay in the air for one hour.

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Baykar's entry into the manufacture of air weapons shows the company's ambition to expand its scope of activities and develop products that will compete in the global market.

Kemankeş ammunition is intended to equip its unmanned aerial vehicles, such as Bayraktar TB2, TB3 and Kızılelma. According to Baykar, the ammunition was developed in-house, using their own expertise.

It is also interesting for Greece to note that this weapon is reported to have a longer range, up to 200 kilometres... That is, it will be able to hit targets without a crew at particularly long distances...

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