Peggy Zina: "I was upset that I didn't go to Eurovision"

Peggy Zina

Peggy Zina made statements and referred to the Eurovision contest while also sending her best wishes to the representatives of Greece and Cyprus.

The singer was quoted saying on the show Super Katerina: "I was upset that I didn't go to Eurovision, but then in the future, I saw that everything is only for good because my path, as it turned out, was not that of a good pop singer."

"Now I wouldn't want to go with anything. I don't know every year what games are played, the preferences of the public, what is in fashion and what is not, and all this happens all over Europe, so it does not happen only in Greece," she said.

She then sent her best wishes to the representatives of Greece and Cyprus.

"I wish them to have a good time in this process and this walk that they do and introduce their songs," Zina added.

Since her statement, Cyprus and Australia secured their spots in the Eurovision Song Contest grand final, which is taking place on May 13 in Liverpool, UK; however, Greece, unfortunately, did not make it this year.

Cyprus entrant Andrew Lambrou's performance of "Break a Broken Heart" impressed the audience with his powerful vocals and simplistic staging, while Australian band Voyager wowed with their offering, "Promise."

Sadly, Greek artist Victor Vernicos, aged just 16, did not manage to make it through to the final with his song, "What They Say." Since 2004, Greece has only failed to qualify twice for the semi-finals.

A total of 26 countries will compete in the grand final, including Ukraine, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Serbia, Portugal, Croatia, Switzerland, Israel, Moldova, Sweden, Czechia, Finland, Albania, Cyprus, Estonia, Belgium, Austria, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, Armenia, and Slovenia.

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