Shipwreck with migrants in Mykonos: Three dead people were recovered


A man and two women were recovered dead after a shipwreck carrying migrants off Mykonos.

A search and rescue operation by the port corps is underway since the morning, after the detection of two migrants, a Syrian and a Palestinian, in the sea area northeast of Mykonos who were allegedly on board a boat with other people, which capsized.

As reported by the migrants themselves, who were rescued and transported safely to the island's port, a total of 17 people were on board the plastic speedboat that sank, including 4-5 women and a 7-year-old child.

Watch the video of the rescue operation:

Two boats of the port corps, two helicopters (one of the coast guard and one of the air force), an echelon of the submarine mission group, an open sea ship and land vehicles are operating at the scene.

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