The beaches in Attica where it's unsuitable to swim at this year - From Piraeus to Vouliagmeni

glyfada beach athens Attica

With summer officially starting today, thousands of residents of Attica's Basin will be looking to cool down on hot days at a nearby beach. In this context, the Panhellenic Centre for Ecological Research (PAKOE) lists the suitable and unsuitable beaches for swimming from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni.

Before each swimming season, i.e. in May, PAKOE carries out sampling, measurements and identification of microbes on free and controlled beaches in the prefecture of Attica and other regions of the country.

For this year, the seven unsuitable beaches from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni are the following:

- Piraeus. Freatida beach. Coast of Themistocleus.

Freatida beach

- Piraeus. Freatida beach. In the middle of the beach. Association of Greek Frogmen.

- Piraeus. Votsalakia beach. Olympic team of winter swimmers.

Votsalakia beach, piraeus

- Piraeus. Votsalakia beach. 100 metres left of the winter swimmers group.

- Palaio Faliro. Flisvos beach. End of the beach.

Flisvos beach

- Municipality of Glyfada. Glyfada beach. Akti B. Maros and Diadochos Pavlos Streets. Delphinia Restaurant. Customer Parking.

glyfada beach athens

- Municipality of Glyfada. Glyfada beach. Coast N. end of beach.

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