Moroccan Migrant Injured While Crossing Border from Turkey to Greece

evros river

THESSALONIKI, Greece - A Moroccan migrant sustained non-life-threatening injuries from gunfire while attempting to cross from Turkey into Greece on Thursday, according to Greek officials.

A police statement revealed that the 30-year-old man was discovered alongside two other men in a small boat, trying to cross the river Evros (known as Meric in Turkish) that runs along the land border. The injured migrant had a gunshot wound on his back, seemingly inflicted by someone on the Turkish side.

Upon reaching the Greek side, the man was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment, while the other two individuals remained unharmed. The Moroccan migrant informed Greek police that the Turkish gendarmerie had shot him.

However, authorities are considering all possibilities, including the involvement of migrant smugglers, and are conducting a thorough investigation to determine who fired the shots from the Turkish side.

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