Ancient Greek artifacts found hidden Mt. Parnitha forest

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On Thursday, June 15, a collection of ancient Greek artifacts was discovered concealed within a forested area on Mount Parnitha in northern Athens.

The police promptly transported the antiquities to the Department of Cultural Heritage and Antiquities of the Attica Security Directorate for examination by an archaeologist from the Ephorate of Antiquities of Western Attica.

Upon inspection, the archaeologist determined that some of the objects are protected under the Antiquities Protection Law and require special care. However, further investigation is needed to determine the status of the remaining artifacts.

The ancient objects that were found include an 11 cm long lamp, a 6 cm high Corinthian arybalus, a preserved clay spice jar fragment measuring 8.5 cm in height, and a part of a fusillade-shaped incense container with a height of 11.5 cm.

Additionally, there are several confiscated antiquities that need to undergo thorough examination.

These include a 15.5 cm diameter lamp, a 13 cm tall amphora, a 33 cm high black-shaped lekythos, a 15 cm tall three-leafed vine, a 31 cm high vase, an 8 cm high base, a 10 cm high bronze figurine of a male figure, a 20 cm high bronze figurine of a female figure, a 6 cm high bronze amphora figurine, a 9 cm high bronze figurine of a female figure, a 12 cm high bronze figurine of a female figure, a 7.5 cm diameter bronze model of a wheel, an 11 cm long bronze cow figurine, a 9 cm high bronze figurine of a female infant figure, an 8 cm high clay female head, a 10.5 cm long lamp, a 12 cm high vase, an 8.5 cm diameter lamp with a base, a 9 cm high aryballoid lekythium, an 11 cm high closed vessel, a 1 cm tall unsightly snake, a 9 cm high amphora, a 9 cm long lamp, an 8.5 cm high base, a 13 cm high part of a surviving female figure figurine, a 10 cm long lamp, a 12.5 cm high vase, and a 12 cm high double closed vessel.

For safekeeping and final evaluation, the antiquities will be transferred to the Archaeological Collection of Acharnes. Furthermore, a case file documenting the discovery will be presented to the Criminal Prosecutor of Athens.

The circumstances surrounding the finding of the antiquities remain uncertain.

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