Which countries have the largest breast size - Where does Greece rank?

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Following the list of penis sizes worldwide, World Data Info have now compiled a list of breast sizes in 29 countries.

The problem they encountered, they write, is the different size designations and the different scales used. There are at least six different size systems worldwide, consisting of numbers and similar letters.

In addition, there are manufacturers who again differentiate these systems for their products. For example, US size 34C corresponds to the UK size 34D and EU size 75D. It is 90D in France and 12C in Australia. The Czech name 2D is easier to distinguish visually.

All these sizes correspond to the exact dimensions, leading to confusion repeatedly.

The surprise at the top and the position of Greece

A bit of a surprise is hosted at the top of the list as many would expect to see a Latin American country like Brazil or the USA, possibly a Mediterranean country. However, Norway takes the lead in this particular research with a "CD" amount in an average body mass index of 26.2.

Here's another surprise, Luxembourg, Iceland , the US and Britain recording a size C, while what ranks them is the body mass index.

As explained in the research, increased breast size often occurs in countries where obesity is also a problem. This is why the specific indicator is presented in the table.

According to World Data Info the female breast is largely composed of fatty tissue and glands. Breast shape also depends not only on genetic factors, but also on fat content and connective tissue composition.

Greece is ranked 24th in AB size at a BMI of 26.9, ahead of Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Spain.

See the list:

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