Greece's Swim Waters Rank Among Europe's Best for Four Consecutive Years with Cyprus Claiming Top Spot

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A recent report by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in collaboration with the European Commission has once again recognized Greece as one of Europe's top countries for the exceptional quality of its swimming waters. The European Bathing Water Quality report for 2022 has placed Greece in the top three for the fourth consecutive year.

The comprehensive report evaluates the cleanliness of bathing sites across Europe, providing insights into where swimmers can find the cleanest waters this summer. In Greece, an impressive 95 percent of the monitored bathing water was classified as "excellent," solidifying the country's position as one of the leading destinations for pristine swimming experiences. The assessment encompasses 29 countries, including all EU member states, as well as Albania and Switzerland. The water quality is categorized as "excellent," "good," "sufficient," or "poor."

While Cyprus secured the top spot with the highest number of exceptional bathing waters in 2022, Greece's remarkable performance earned it a well-deserved third place. Other countries that excelled in water quality include Austria and Croatia.

EEA Proportion
Greece's Swim Waters Rank Among Europe's Best for Four Consecutive Years with Cyprus Claiming Top Spot 1

Greece's consistent presence in Europe's top rankings underscores its commitment to maintaining high environmental standards and preserving the natural beauty of its coastal areas. With its crystal-clear waters, Greece continues to attract locals and tourists alike, offering them unforgettable swimming experiences in pristine surroundings.

The accolades bestowed upon Greece in the European Bathing Water Quality report highlight the country's dedication to ensuring safe and clean swimming environments. As Greece continues to prioritize the protection of its coastal ecosystems, it reinforces its reputation as a premier destination for beach enthusiasts seeking unparalleled natural beauty and excellent water quality.

As the summer season approaches, both locals and international visitors can look forward to enjoying Greece's exceptional bathing waters, knowing that their experiences will be complemented by the country's commitment to environmental sustainability and the preservation of its coastal treasures.

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