Greek man and Turkish woman marry - The baptism, the baby and the glamorous wedding in Crete (VIDEO)


Borders can separate many things, but certainly not love, and this is exactly what Giorgos and Gamze, a Greek man and a Turkish woman, confirmed last Saturday (17/06). They fell madly in love and united with the sacred bonds of marriage while already holding their 1.5-year-old baby in their arms!

She is 28 years old, and her husband, Giorgos, is 31, originally from Skinia, Viannos. They met in the café where she worked, in the centre of Heraklion, and have been together for six years!

In fact, their love was sealed when the fruit of their love, their daughter, came into the world.

Gamze's dad arrived in Crete seeking political asylum in 2000 and a year later her mother, her brother and herself came to the island, while two of her siblings were born in Greece.

She completed Greek school and speaks the language fluently. Gamze has studied decoration. The young woman states that the only issues they faced were of a bureaucratic nature.

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She had to be baptised an Orthodox Christian in order for their daughter's baptism to take place.

"But being baptised was something I wanted anyway and I did it with great joy. I was baptised in Psari of Viannos two years ago where I received the name Myrsini!” she tells Creta Live with obvious enthusiasm.

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