Greek Elections -In speedy count of 70.3% ballots counted, New Democracy leading in eight-party Parliament

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In a speedy processing of results and with 70.3% of all votes counted, the Greek Interior Ministry announced updated results of national elections at 8:48 pm on Sunday evening. 

Results show an eight-party Parliament with party percentages and seats faring as follows:

New Democracy (Mitsotakis), 40.43% and 157 seats in the 300-seat Parliament
SYRIZA (Tsipras), 17.83% and 47 seats
PASOK-KINAL (Androulakis), 12.23% and 33 seats
Communist Party (Koutsoubas), 7.49% and 20 seats
Spartiates (Stigas), 4.72% and 13 seats
Greek Solution (Velopoulos), 4.55% and 12 seats
Niki (Natsios), 3.77% and 10 seats
Plefsi Eleftherias (Konstantopoulou), 3.10% and 8 seats
MeRA25: 2.31% (below the 3% threshold for Parliament


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